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Da Vinci Robot

da Vinci Robot

da Vinci® Robot – Astounding Technology Parallels Leonardo’s Work

The depth of Leonardo da Vinci’s unprecedented understanding of human anatomy could likely parallel the sophistication of modern groundbreaking technology that enables a robotic arm to precisely translate the movements of a surgeon’s hands. This analogy led to the appropriate branding of the da Vinci® Robot. This astounding technological advance is transforming conventional surgical practices by means of the da Vinci® surgery system. Minimally invasive robotic prostatectomy and robotic hysterectomy treatment options now offer potential for superior post-operative function and cancer management outcomes. 

If you or someone you know is facing cancer surgery, learn more about the da Vinci® Robot and compare the benefits of robotic surgery to traditional surgical procedures.

da Vinci® Hysterectomy – The New Standard of Surgery

Rapidly becoming the world-wide treatment choice for prostate conditions, the da Vinci® Robot is also setting a new standard with the da Vinci®. hysterectomy, for the extensive range of uterine conditions that require surgery. This standard is attributed to the enhanced benefits of precision and magnification at the operative site, as well as a shorter timeline for recovery, reduced pain, fewer complications, reduced scarring and lower risk of infection.

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da Vinci® Surgery is Redefining the “Picture of Health”

Specially trained to perform surgeries utilizing state-of-the-art da Vinci® surgery systems and the da Vinci® Robot, Florida Hospital doctors are raising the bar for gynecological and urological cancer treatment in North America.

Offering a variety of health services, Florida Hospital is a modern health care center that strives to provide unrivalled patient care in a superior setting, to both local and international patients.

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