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Robotic Prostatectomy Outcomes

Published studies on the treatment of prostate cancer can often be controversial in many aspects; however, there is one consistent theme: the expertise and experience of the surgeon evaluating and treating the cancer patient is one of the keys to the overall outcome and cure of the patient.

At the GRI, our approach to prostate cancer treatment is about achieving the “trifecta”: allowing for cancer removal while quickly regaining urinary continence and sexual function. Our goal is to deliver the trifecta and return the patient to a healthy and long life free of cancer. The potential to achieve this is dependent upon each individual patient.

Our significant experience has led us to develop, publish and teach some key technical innovations in the surgical approach to prostatectomy that help us increase the chances of achieving the trifecta. The goal of the trifecta is to remove the cancer, achieve urinary continence and return of potency. These unique modifications specific to our approach have helped us achieve our high standards.


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