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da Vinci Robot

da Vinci® Robot – Astounding Technology Parallels Leonardo’s Work

The depth of Leonardo da Vinci’s unprecedented understanding of human anatomy could likely parallel the sophistication of modern groundbreaking technology that enables a robotic arm to precisely translate the movements of a surgeon’s hands. This analogy led to the appropriate branding of the da Vinci® Robot. This astounding technological advance is transforming conventional surgical practices by means of the da Vinci® surgery system. Minimally invasive treatment options now offer potential for superior post-operative function and cancer management outcomes. 

If you or someone you know is facing cancer surgery, learn more about the da Vinci® Robot and compare the benefits of robotic surgery to traditional surgical procedures.

da Vinci SP (Single Port)

AdventHealth Global Robotics Institute is proud to now offer Intuitive Surgical’s fourth-generation robotic surgical system, the da Vinci SP. This new technology allows for a surgeon to enter the body through a single, small incision into the abdomen.          

What makes single-port robotic prostatectomy different?

The da Vinci SP system provides surgeons with robotic-assisted technology designed for deep and narrow access to tissue in the body. The ability to enter the body through a single, small incision or through a natural orifice can provide a minimally invasive experience for complex procedures. This singular, one-inch incision may cause less stress, shorten recovery time and improve cosmesis.

How does the SP work?

This system includes three, multi-jointed, wristed instruments and the first full wristed 3D, HD camera. These instruments and camera all emerge through a single cannula (thin tube),and are properly triangulated around the target anatomy to avoid external instrument collisions that can occur in narrow surgical workspaces, such as the abdomen. This system allows for flexible port placement and excellent internal and external range of motion.

How long has the SP been on the market?

The SP was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in 2014. It approved the device for urologic procedures in June 2018.

Will the SP be used in the future for other surgeries?

Currently the SP is approved for both urologic and transoral surgeries. This technology proves promising for other specialities.

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da Vinci® Surgery is Redefining the “Picture of Health”

Specially trained to perform surgeries utilizing robotic-assisted technology, AdventHealth doctors are raising the bar for gynecological and urological cancer treatment in North America.

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