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Bertram Lewars - Bertram’s Story

I asked the following question to various urologists: “If you, yourself had to have the surgery done, who would you have perform the operation?” Dr. Vipul Patel was named more than any other surgeon.

On October 1, 2007, I found out I had prostate cancer. Upon hearing the news from my urologist that the biopsy had come back positive for cancer, I was absolutely devastated. Once I came to accept the fact that I had cancer, I began weeks of intense research. I searched the Internet, consulted with urologists and other doctors, and spoke with current and former prostate cancer patients. Based on the research and given my age and good health, I determined that to remove the prostate via robotic surgery was the best option for me. The prognosis bode very well for me to make a full recovery since the amount of cancer was small and it was caught early.

Dr. Patel’s staff is by far the most thorough, caring and responsible medical staff I have ever seen. Their attention to detail and follow-up is second to none. Dr. Patel himself has a great bedside manner that exudes total confidence and makes the patient feel at ease with the prospect of undergoing this very complicated and sensitive procedure.

On the day of the surgery, I was not nervous at all. Naturally, there was some anxiety, as this was going to be a major operation. However, I had every confidence in the doctor and was relaxed on my way to the hospital. Once I arrived, the medical staff was reassuring and everything went smoothly.

The day after the surgery I felt great. I was walking down the hall and back and had very little pain or discomfort. Once the catheter came out on day six, things began to improve even more quickly. I stopped taking oral pain medication altogether on day seven. Two weeks later all that remains is some minor abdominal soreness. Within a week I regained urinary control and soon all my sexual capacity. I am now cancer-free.