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After Prostate Surgery

What to Expect After Prostate Surgery

The surgeons at Florida Hospital are known for providing excellence in patient outcomes, so you can expect good results from your surgery. After surgery you should plan on:

  • Spending one night in hospital. Most patients go home within 24-hours
  • Being back to normal activities within 1-2 weeks
  • An early return of urinary control and sexual function based on preoperative function
  • A short period of catheterization
  • A low complication rate

After Prostate Surgery – Taking Care of Yourself is Essential

After prostate surgery, it is essential to take proper care and precautions to aid in your recovery. This page provides general information about recovery times and follow-up visits. For additional detailed information about what to expect after prostate surgery, visit our what to expect .

After Prostate Surgery – What’s Next?

  • Most of our patients start walking within 4 hours of surgery with help from our nursing staff. After you arrive home, try walking every hour for at least 10 minutes. Within a week, you should increase the amount you are walking. By 6 weeks you should be walking 3 or more miles a day (based on individual limitations) to help strengthen the pelvic floor.
  • At first, walking outside is best. Don’t return to the treadmill until several weeks. Biking, motorcycling, horseback riding, yard/field equipment is not recommended for six weeks.
  • It is recommended to abstain from sexual activity for four weeks after prostatectomy. (See sex after prostate surgery for more information.)
  • Your first follow-up visit will be within four to seven days after robotic prostate surgery. This appointment is to check your recovery, remove your catheter, and discuss the final prostate cancer pathology.
  • After prostate surgery, the majority of our patients are back to work within 1-2 weeks. Men with jobs that require heavy lifting need to be on light duties for four to six weeks.