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What to Expect During Your Visit

Knowing what to expect after surgery will help prepare you for the recovery period. The development of a head and neck cancer treatment plan with AdventHealth Celebration Health addresses not only physical symptoms, but also your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by our caring staff and undergo thorough testing to evaluate your condition. If a procedure is required and robotic-assisted surgery is determined to be the best treatment option, our team will explain the benefits of the da Vinci® Robotic system and how it can positively impact your healing and recovery.

Robotic-assisted head and neck surgery patients often require a combination of medical treatments from various specialists to achieve the fullest recovery possible. We work hand-in-hand with these specialists to ensure the patient’s medical needs are managed effectively. This includes scheduling procedures and/or tests so they are on time and in the proper sequence.

Comprehensive Managed Care

The care you receive at AdventHealth Celebration Health is very patient-centered. This means at every level the facility, your surgery and all follow-up care is focused around creating an optimal healing experience for you.

Our best advice following any surgery is for you to focus on healing, maintain a positive attitude and view the recovery period as a time of renewal. And as always, do not hesitate to contact our experienced staff to discuss your questions and concerns.

Following head or neck surgery, these are some of the specialists who may be part of your treatment plan.

Oncology Nutrition Specialist – Registered Dietitian

Nutrition plays an important role in an oncology patient’s health. Eating the right foods during and after cancer treatment can help you manage symptoms, feel better and stay stronger. That’s why our nutritionist is a key member of the head and neck clinical team.

Our registered dietitian specializes in oncology nutrition and provides support, direction and education about the many benefits of proper nutrition. Consultations are tailored to individual patient needs and may include:

  • A review of current dietary intake
  • Symptom management
  • Nutrition support education and management, as needed
  • Nutrition education before, during and after treatment
  • Post-treatment healthy eating plans

Speech Therapist

Speech, language and swallowing are important to a satisfying quality of life. We work closely with head and neck surgeons, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, radiation oncologists and dietitians to achieve the best outcomes for our head and neck patients. We provide a full range of pre- and post-operative speech services under the guidance of a speech-language pathologist. Our speech and swallow services include research-based assessment and treatment, as well as diagnostic procedures using state-of-the-art equipment.

Radiation Oncology

Our head and neck specialists work closely with radiation therapists at multiple locations to determine the schedule and location most convenient to the patient. The radiation treatment most often prescribed is external beam radiation therapy. This delivers high doses of radiation specifically targeting the affected cancer site while minimizing the dose to surrounding, healthy tissue. Among the latest technologies we can facilitate are Gamma Knife and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).

Medical Oncology

In certain cases, patients may need chemotherapy. The head and neck team will direct patients to a conveniently located, clinically advanced facility for treatment. Our oncology specialist may also present patients with the opportunity to participate in some of the latest and most-innovative clinical trials in the country.