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Thoracic Surgery Advantage

AdventHealth Celebration is home to the AdventHealth Global Robotics Institute. It is internationally recognized for its cutting-edge research and training in medical robotics. They are leading major advances in robotic-assisted surgery that continue to advance modern medicine.

Robotic-assisted surgery provides many benefits in the hands of the highly skilled specialists at the AdventHealth Global Robotics Institute, such as:

  • Enhanced, high-definition imaging, magnification and binocular 3D vision for better viewing of intricate nerves, structures and incisions by surgeons
  • Motion scaling technology with tremor filtration to eliminate tiny, uncontrolled movements in the surgeon’s hands for better precision
  • Less invasive and safer than many traditional surgical procedures
  • Reduced pain, blood loss and lower risk of infection
  • Faster healing with shorter hospitalization
  • Reduced interruption of the natural healing process versus open chest methods
  • Much smaller incisions reduce scarring and trauma to the body
  • Improved ergonomics enhances the natural movements of a skilled surgeon
  • Body retains more of its pulmonary (breathing) functions for better oxygen intake to support quicker healing (Lung Surgeries)

To learn more or to schedule a consultation with our Oncology and Thoracic Surgery Program clinical care coordinator, call (407) 303-4877.