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Sex After Hysterectomy 


Some of the most common questions asked of our robotic surgical team at FHCI are in regards to sex after surgery.

  • How long should I wait before having sex after surgery?

    Recovery time does vary from one woman to the next, but our surgeons recommend waiting 6 weeks before engaging in sexual intercourse.

  • Will I experience a decrease in sexual desire?

    If ovaries are removed during robotic surgery, sexual desire may be impacted due to decreased levels of estrogen. Hormone replacement therapy can help reverse this issue. If ovaries are left intact, sexual desire should not be affected. In fact, some women find their sex life is positively impacted during this time of renewal.

  • What if vaginal dryness is a problem during sex after surgery?

    Estrogen creams (by prescription) or over-the-counter lubricants can provide relief. Keep in mind that your choice of a robotic surgery greatly reduces the risk of damage to the pelvic autonomic nerves of the vaginal wall, which are responsible for the control of lubrication. Read more about robotic surgery benefits.

Sex After Vaginal Surgery

Wondering if the answers are the same for sex after vaginal surgery or abdominal surgery? In general, yes, although abdominal surgery may require even longer recovery and abstinence. The major difference is that recovery time is significantly reduced after minimally invasive robotic surgery. This means that women may be quicker to resume normal activities, including enjoying pleasurable sex after surgery.

While endeavoring to care for the emotional and spiritual needs, as well as physical treatment of our patients, we welcome your questions. Be sure to discuss any concerns you have about sex after surgery or other issues with our caring and knowledgeable staff at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute.