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Nicholson Center

The Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement is a premier center for hands-on surgical instruction to help develop and disseminate cutting edge surgical knowledge and techniques to the global surgical community.

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Napa Robotics Course

Join us for this unique Robotics Course taking place in beautiful Napa Valley, California.

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Educational Opportunities for Physicians at AdventHealth

AdventHealth has been recognized as a leader in healthcare for over half a decade. Striving to maintain this reputation, we are committed not only to the highest standards of patient care, but also to the professional development of physicians on our staff and around the world

Prostate Cancer Information to Robotic Surgery and Beyond

From the dissemination of the latest prostate cancer information to the practical application of robotic surgery techniques, AdventHealth is setting the stage for the future of advanced medical treatment. Learn more about exciting educational opportunities for physicians by visiting